What Class 3 did for World Book Day! By Seb

On World Book Day I went to school as Captain Underpants. My best friends Alex and Nathan also dressed up. Nathan came as Alex rider  and Alex as Bad Dad . As I went into school it was raining so we could not have our early Morning play so we watched some episodes of Tom and Jerry. Then Nathan came in and sat next to me  and we laughed so hard we could not stop. Then we went to class where we had a game of guess the character (as the characters we were). After that we had a choice to either design a book cover or a book quiz first. I did the book cover and I did Captain Creepypants and the Revenge of Professor Poopy Pants and the Evil Washing Machine.  Then I did the book quiz with Jude.

My favourite question was who is Greg Helthy’s brother?

Next it was play time. It was wet play. Miss Tyres was on duty  and  we watched Tom and Jerry.

Next we did Computing where we did Logo 32 which was really fun. Then it was lunch time. I was having a packed lunch. After that we went home because it was snowing. When I got home I played with my Lego.


Descendants 3. Amélie anticipates…

Hello, today we are going to tell you about the new film Descendants 3.

Many hearts fell for Mal from the Isle of the Lost from in Descendants 1. From then on Mal has gone on an amazing journey about love and fighting with old friends.

Recently we have got hold of one of the secrets for Descendants 3. These secrets will be set out in the premier of Zombies, a different film. Here is another of their secrets. Mal might actually find her dad. In the advert it looked like Mal has turned evil again. We also think Mal’s dad is ….. Hades!

We hope we have given you lots of clues to keep you going until Descendants 3 comes out in 2019. If you find out anything else don’t be afraid to put it in the comments below. Until then, ‘Chill like a villain!’descendants-e1519014309888

World Book Day Costumes by Ava

World Book Day has just been and I have got for you the top ten costumes that I saw.

  • 10, Eleanor from Beast Quest (this was Ella’s costume).
  • 9, Carrie from Carrie’s War (this was Erin’s costume).
  • 8, Anne of Green Gables (this was Delphie’s costume).
  • 7, Gangsta Granny (this was Amelie, Ellie and Olivia’s costume).
  • 6, Sarah from Labyrinth (this was Ava’s costume).

costumes 10-6

  • 5, Captain Underpants (this was Seb’s costume).
  • 4, Queen of Hearts (this was Ms Surridge’s costume).
  • 3, Jack Sparrow (this was Harvey’s costume).
  • 2, Mary Poppins (this was Sophie’s costume).
  • 1, Goth Girl (this was Georgia’s costume).

costumes 5-1

Class 3’s Egg Experiment! By Joss


From Tuesday 6th of March to Tuesday 13th of March Class 3 are doing an egg experiment. This test is to see if, when you put an egg in a certain liquid, it either changes size, width or even grows longer! The liquids we are using include coke, squash, orange juice, milk, water and vinegar. We put 200 ml of each liquid into a container (making sure we don’t spill any) and after that we very gently put the egg in the liquid. We were given a sheet of paper with some lines so we can carefully look and write and record every day what happens to the egg. Our mission is to see which liquid affects the egg most over a time period of a week. By looking at the eggs now I think that either the squash, vinegar or coke will affect the egg the most. Please leave a comment below and predict which liquid you think will affect the egg most.

Spoilers for Iron Man by Seb

I went round to Nathan’s house and we watched Iron Man.

I personally really enjoyed it, my fifth favourite movie ever because it’s funny and action-packed with cool fights scenes. It’s a blast. I thought the villain was really sneaky because of how he was with Tony Stark.

Then he was with the bad guys.  I thought it was funny when he was flying and fell both times. My favourite characters were Tony Stark and the Iron Monger.iron-man-emp88983-small-original-imadewzyku68sspw

London Trip Day 1 of 2 By Alex


On day one I had to get up early to go to school so I went down stairs and had breakfast then went upstairs to brush my teeth. Then I went into my room to get dressed to go to the coach! When I got there everyone was already there and I had to wait till everyone was on the coach but kindly one of my friends (Ella) let me in front of her. Once I was on the coach I waited a while until… I saw Alfie (my cousin) so I yelled “Alfie, Alfie sit here!” When Alfie sat next to me we played some snap. Then I fell asleep.

When we got there Alfie shook me and said “Alex, wake up, we’re there!” So I woke up, got my bags and got off the coach. When we all got in the hotel which was the called The Baden Powell House we all sat down next to the plants. When a police women came past she asked “Do you want to see my boss?” and then we all shouted “Yes please!” so she went. When her boss came over to see us we all shouted “Hello!” “Hi everyone, so where are you from?” asked the police women. “Gloucestershire!” We all shouted. “Wow, that’s far away!” then we took a photo with the police woman! After that we put our bags away. About 2 minutes after that we all went to the rooms. All the boys were in one room and all the year 5 girls were in one room and the year 6 girls were in another room. After all that we went to the Science Museum next to the Natural History Museum. On the way past the history museum I whispered to Alfie “When I went in there I was so amazed that before going in there I was tired…But when I was in there I was wide awake because of the awesomeness.” Once we were in the science museum there was a lot of lockers in which we put our bags. After we all put our bags away we went into a colossal room which had a big wheel probably half the size of the room. The wheel looked like it had little white balls going around it under but near the wheel there was a little red wheel which was spinning around. There was so much and I don’t want to make this too long but after that we went to the hotel and went to bed but Oliver fell off the ladder and we laughed our heads off so we couldn’t go to sleep.