Descendants 3. Amélie anticipates…

Hello, today we are going to tell you about the new film Descendants 3.

Many hearts fell for Mal from the Isle of the Lost from in Descendants 1. From then on Mal has gone on an amazing journey about love and fighting with old friends.

Recently we have got hold of one of the secrets for Descendants 3. These secrets will be set out in the premier of Zombies, a different film. Here is another of their secrets. Mal might actually find her dad. In the advert it looked like Mal has turned evil again. We also think Mal’s dad is ….. Hades!

We hope we have given you lots of clues to keep you going until Descendants 3 comes out in 2019. If you find out anything else don’t be afraid to put it in the comments below. Until then, ‘Chill like a villain!’descendants-e1519014309888


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