What Class 3 did for World Book Day! By Seb

On World Book Day I went to school as Captain Underpants. My best friends Alex and Nathan also dressed up. Nathan came as Alex rider  and Alex as Bad Dad . As I went into school it was raining so we could not have our early Morning play so we watched some episodes of Tom and Jerry. Then Nathan came in and sat next to me  and we laughed so hard we could not stop. Then we went to class where we had a game of guess the character (as the characters we were). After that we had a choice to either design a book cover or a book quiz first. I did the book cover and I did Captain Creepypants and the Revenge of Professor Poopy Pants and the Evil Washing Machine.  Then I did the book quiz with Jude.

My favourite question was who is Greg Helthy’s brother?

Next it was play time. It was wet play. Miss Tyres was on duty  and  we watched Tom and Jerry.

Next we did Computing where we did Logo 32 which was really fun. Then it was lunch time. I was having a packed lunch. After that we went home because it was snowing. When I got home I played with my Lego.


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