Welcome Page


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to our pupil blog. We have just started our blogging club. We hope that by writing for a bigger audience we will be able to showcase our activities and improve our writing skills at the same time.

At North Nibley C of E Primary all the staff attach great importance to providing a warm welcoming, friendly and supportive environment where Christian values are central to our teaching and the ethos of the school. In our community, children are encouraged to do as well as they can in National Curriculum subjects and we endeavour to provide a wide range of enrichment activities so that the curriculum is enjoyable. We believe that each individual should aspire to the highest standards of behaviour. We believe that in our supportive environment children can develop their confidence and self-esteem, so that when they move on from us to they will be fully prepared and able to articulate their feelings and ideas. We recognise that children need opportunities to broaden their social skills, and are proud of the relationships that are built within school. We feel that the atmosphere of care and concern that is evident in our school enables our pupils to be sensitive to the feelings and needs of others.

Paul Batchelor

Head Teacher

Please visit also the school’s main website at www.northnibley.gloucs.sch.uk


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